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Why your hair gets greasy too quickly and how to wash less!

Why your hair gets greasy too quickly and how to wash less!

Struggle with greasy hair and want to wash it less regularly? Here's six reasons why your hair might get greasy quickly.

1. You're not emulsifying your shampoo enough

The key to a thorough wash which removes grease, build-up and impurities is to emulsify the shampoo between your palms before applying it to your hair and scalp. This applies to liquid and solid shampoos. This will allow you to thoroughly clean your hair which takes us onto our next point...

2. You're not distributing the shampoo throughout your hair for an even clean

Once you've emulsified your shampoo, split your hair into sections and massage the shampoo into all areas of the scalp, not forgetting the underneath sections. Remember to brush your hair before washing it so you don't damage it when wet.

It may be that you concentrate on washing the top section of your hair and don't remove all the grease from the underneath or middle sections which can cause hair to get greasy quickly as you're never actually washing it properly. 

3. You're not rinsing thoroughly 

If you're not rinsing products out properly, the leftover residue can make hair look and feel greasy more quickly. Try flipping your hair over in the shower to rinse the bottom sections or taking the shower head and blasting it on your roots

4. You're not having enough 'hair up' days

If you have longer hair, try wearing your hair up for a few more days a week. Fortunately the slicked-back pony has never been more chic! Wearing your hair up will prevent you needing to brush it or touch it as much which can make it appear greasy more quickly. 

5. Your hair brush needs cleaning!

When was the last time you cleaned your hairbrush? And I'm not just talking about removing the hair - I mean a proper clean! he grease and oils (especially if you oil your hair and use the same brush) can transfer back onto the clean hair making it greasy straight away! The best way to wash your hairbrush is to get two brushes, apply some of your emulsified shampoo bar to the bristles using your palms and rub them together under warm water. Always rinse properly! 

6. You touch your hair too much

Even though covid has made us all way more mindful of washing our hands, natural build-up of sweat and grease on our fingers is easily transferred to our hair when we touch it. Try to stop touching your hair, especially the sections around your face, and this will make a huge difference. 

Finally, it's important to remember that greasy hair is nature's way of keeping your scalp and hair follicles healthy and lubricating them for hair growth. If it wasn't for your scalps natural oils, you would end up with an incredibly dry, itchy scalp and unhealthy hair! So don't despair if you need to wash your hair regularly. If you use a mild, toxic free shampoo like our clarifying Refresh bar it's not going to do you any harm washing every day.

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