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We are always thinking of ways to make planet-friendly alternatives more simple, even down to the way we store our bars in-between use. Our clever bar holders which accompany our shampoo bar and holder kits are the ideal solution for storing your bar and helping them last longer. (Watch this video to see how they work.)

They are created from a naturally occurring soft, sedimentary rock called diatomaceous earth, but what is it and where does it come from? 

Here goes the science part. Otherwise known as diatomite, diatomaceous earth is made out of silica which is a rich mineral component of the earth's crust. The cool thing about the silica in these holders is that it originally came from diatoms.

Diatoms are a group of microscopic, photosynthesising organisms like algae with transparent cell walls composed of opaline silica. Through photosynthesising they produce around 20-40% of the oxygen you breathe in right now, so our bar holders are a beautiful example of how important and amazing the nutrient cycle is without our planet's ecosystems. 

Amazingly, diatomite has a super-high porosity and goes from wet to dry in around 60 seconds, making it the ideal material for absorbing excess moisture from our shampoo bars. In fact, raw diatomite can absorb three times its weight in water and is entirely compostable. 

Due to diatomite's natural properties, residue from the shampoo bar may build up after several uses, but this is simple to remove with a gentle sponge to restore its original appearance.

The low-down on diatomite

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